Second Milestone-Meeting in Murcia

On the 21st and 22nd of September 2017, the 2nd milestone meeting took place in  Murcia, Spain. The Goals of the Milestone Meeting were the assessment of the project progress as well as the discussion about this progress, the organisational preparation of the expert workshop and the development of a sustainability strategy

Intellectual Outputs

The main part of the meeting served to discuss and plan the intellectual outputs of the project. The contents of the self-study modules for the Job Developer Training were determined as well:

  1. Competences and framework of labor-market integration,
  2. Employment-radar on the basis of Talent Diagnosis,
  3. Networking competences,
  4. Digital competences and Social Media for entrepreneurs, and
  5. Entrepreneurial creativity, ability to communicate and trends.

As part of this, suggestions for further ideas and developments of these modules have already been collected.

New project

The following discussion generated ideas on possible IT solutions for the self-learning modules and which of the self-learning modules can be digitised. It was discussed what experiences the partners have in this regard. The suggestion came from Spain to use the project experience to connect the target groups „multiplier / mentor“ and „young people“. Videos and tutorials for the young people as well as overview and feedback possibilities for the multipliers could be offered.



Milestone Meeting on Crete

The first milestone meeting took place from 4 to 5 October 2016 in Heraklion, Crete. As a point of reflection on the progress of the individual partners, exchange of ideas and experiences, the meeting also served to strengthen the network of partner organisations towards a European network.

Presentations of the Partners

The first part of the two-day workshop consisted of the presentations of the partners. Here the progress in the respective countries was presented and discussed with the entire team. This allowed the country-specific experiences and necessary adaptations to be exchanged and to plan the next steps accordingly.

The interactive Workshop

The second part of the workshop in Heraklion was filled by interactive workshops. The attending participants first worked out the potentials and resistances they expected to encounter in the further course of the project. These were summarised in overarching categories – individual level, team level, organisational level and environmental level – and evaluated through a points system. This formed the basis for the discussion on dealing with these resistances and potentials. From this strategies for the country-specific implementations were developed. The remaining time was spent on planning the self-study modules and answer questions about the further course of the project.