Creation of new Jobs in the context of (youth and long-term) Unemployment in Europe and Digitalization – Expert Conference of the project Job Developer

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I hereby invite you to the expert conference of the project Job Developer, taking place the 6th June 2018, from 9.00 a.m, at the Technology Center Ruhr (TZR) of the Ruhr-University Bochum.

Agenda of the conference

Travelling to the TZR is possible either by car (road map and the location on campus) or by public transport (stop „Ruhr-Universität“ of the U35, leaves from the central station in Bochum, and the footpath to the location).

We are looking forward to your participation. If you decide to attend please send an email to Katharina Seelig confirming your participation:

Kind regards,
Dr Martin Kröll (project management)

Become Job Developer and create jobs: RUB Work scientists start EU project Impulses against youth unemployment

Discover local employment opportunities, create jobs and develop one´s own talents for new job opportunities: to contribute to the reduction of youth unemployment in Europe, work scientists from the Ruhr University Bochum want to follow this approach. Therefore they have joined forces with the SHS foundation/minipreneure gGmbH that was founded by Peter Hartz and experienced partner institutions in Europe.

Analyzing labor markets and discovering talents

The aim of the project is to train “job developers” who subsequently act as multipliers and support adolescents and young people from Greece, Spain, Lithuania, Hungary and Bulgaria to conduct an analysis of requirements of the local labor markets. For instance, the young people look at the demand for services in their environment and assess with which offer they can address potential employers. The “job developers” also help the adolescents to become aware of their talents and interests and to find out which jobs they are especially well suited for. The respective talent diagnosis consists of different suitability diagnostic and co-creative procedures.

Detecting labor market potential

The joint project “Job Developer: from job creation to competence development” is funded with approx. 450 000 Euro from the EU program “Erasmus+” and managed by Dr. Martin Kröll, RUB-Institute for Work Science. The scientists cooperate with institutions from Greece, Spain, Lithuania, Hungary and Bulgaria. “We want to contribute to the discovery of new employment opportunities through a certified qualification program and the implementation of innovative concepts“, says Dr. Martin Kröll. The “Job Developers” receive a certificate that documents their new type of qualifications. The participating adolescents are supported in creating jobs and in developing new skills.

Synchronizing labor market requirements and further training measurements

The qualification „Job Developer“ is targeted to be established in the individual EU countries as a recognized certification program. „We hope that the training of the multipliers leads to a profitable learning effect on all sides. Our aim is to establish structures in the participating countries that consolidate the implementation of the concepts“, says Martin Kröll. On the basis of gained experience within the course of the project, self-learning modules will be developed. In the evaluation of the project, the reviewers especially praised the cooperation and exchange of the international partners with regard to the local implementation and adjustment of the concepts.

International partners

The partners in Greece are the management consultancy “eniochos.CONSULTING” and the “Technology Park of Crete” that belongs to “FORTH”, the biggest research center in Greece. In Spain the “European Centre of Enterprises and Innovation of Murcia (CEEIM)” is participating in the project. In Hungary and Bulgaria the “Chambers of Industry and Commerce” and in Lithuania the “German Chamber of Commerce (AHK Baltic states)” could be won for the project.